Do you offer a full report when you are done? Yes, we offer a full report of everything when we complete your order and order systems sends you an email when we start processing, update, or complete your order. For directory submissions and article marketing, we report the directory, PR, and category we picked when we submitted your site while for social bookmarking, we send you the URLs of the profile pages where you can see the bookmark.

When should I expect to see results? You should begin to see backlinks right away via Majestic SEO (MajesticSEO.com, a 3rd party site) as the submissions go on. Generally, you'll see keyword ranking improvements using social bookmarking within a few weeks, while the full results of directory submissions and article marketing will take around 3 months. This is because social bookmarking links are immediate, while directory submissions and article marketing have an approval process that can take up to a few months, plus it then takes time for Google to find and index those links.

Do you support adult/foreign language type sites? What do you recommend for that? Yes, we certainly are able to promote adult and foreign language websites. For both of these, we'd recommend directory submissions, social bookmarking on unique accounts, and article marketing on unique accounts. For foreign websites, the best chance would be to have everything written in English with the link linking to your website. Squidoo/Hubpages would also be a suitable service for foreign language type sites but not for adult sites.

Order Entering
What do these title/description/keywords/etc. fields mean? Title: This is the anchor text of the link you'd like to promote. For example, if you would like to rank highly for "woogy boogy", you'd put "woogy boogy" down as the title text. This should be around 8-50 characters and should be 2-5 words.

Description/Short Description: Just a description of the website ranging from 100-150 characters. This isn't nearly as important as the title tag/anchor text, so don't need to worry about this one too much.

Description/Long Description: Same as the short description except the optimal range should be 400-500 characters.

Keywords: These are just around 5 tags that are related to your site. Note that this is not the anchor text of your link.

Resource Box: A summary of yourself or your website. This is the primary means by which you'll gain backlinks in article marketing. For example, if your site is about blue widgets, you'd write something like "Blue Widgets has various types of blue widgets for sale". You can include up to 2 backlinks in each resource box.

Do you allow more than one title/description/group of keywords per order? What do I do if I want to rotate titles and descriptions? Yes, we allow as many variations as you'd like for titles/keywords/descriptions/etc. Simply separate each entry with a ~. For example, if you are promoting your website goodstuff.com and would like to use the titles "Awesome Stuff", "Good Stuff", "Great Stuff", simply enter in the Title field "Awesome Stuff ~ Good Stuff ~ Great Stuff".

Do you allow multiple URLs per order? Although we are happy to rotate almost every field for an order, we do limit orders to a single URL. Doing this allows each order to have a specific promotion target, one that can be easily translated into a straightforward "View by Website" reporting view and also allows for results to be more easily tracked.

How many keywords should I promote with my campaign? Depending on the size and number of services utilized, we recommend that you focus on between 4-10 keywords with your campaign. For example, if you were using our Basic Package, trending toward the smaller amount would be advisable while something like our SEO Starter Package could power a larger amount of keywords. Along with that, it is important to note the relationship between the number of keywords promoted and the natural look of your backlink profile.

Producing a large number of backlinks on a few number of anchor texts will lead to more link juice for those anchor texts, but also increase the risk. On the contrary, utilizing many different anchor texts can leave you with a steady approach that can yield a well-balanced, natural-looking backlink profile.

Can I just give you my web address and you can fill in order information for me? Yes, certainly. We can enter all your orders for you including writing descriptions and researching anchor text, etc. There is a $2 charge/order if we are writing the descriptions, etc. for you and a $.50 charge/order if we are just entering it for you.

Order Payment
What forms of payment do you accept? We accept Credit Cards, and Payza (formerly AlertPay). Your order gets entered automatically. Simply go to any service page such as http://wesendyouvisitors.com/category.php?pgnm=category&cid=2 , click on Add to Cart, fill out the form, click proceed and then select your payment method to checkout.

Order Processing
What if I want to change my order details after I've submitted my orders? As long as your order is in the "New" status (meaning we haven't started processing your order yet), you can edit your order details by logging into your account, going to "View Orders", clicking on the appropriate order ID, and clicking on the "Edit Order Details" button.

Where can I find the report? When the order has been completed, please log in to your account, go to the appropriate order, and the report will be attached under the "Reports" section.