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Proper layout of your website is extremely important in having search engines being able to reach your pages and glean the important pages of your website. With improper layout, your content could be great but search engines could actually penalize you because it thinks you're website is spammy! Therefore, it's critical that you get your website layout right to begin with.

We can help you set up your blog or website easily and quickly so that you can focus on writing your content and less on figuring out why the article you spent 5 hours on isn't being indexed.

With us, you will receive quick, reliable service with a full report of what we've done for you.
Website Setup Service
Service Description Price  
Quick Website Setup On Existing Domain Whether it is a drupal site or a joomla site or something else, we will install it for you and make sure it is SEOed. Please let us know your hosting info. Completion Time: ~3 Days $425 Add To Cart
Quick Blog Setup On Existing Domain For people who already have a domain and hosting. Please give us your hosting login info and we will set up a standard SEOed wordpress blog for you. This can include some very basic customizations to make it fit into your current site, or the installation of a pre-made template of your choice (that you point out or provide to us). Completion Time: ~3 Days $425 Add To Cart
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